Fridays, 10am-12pm

Price: $225

You start on the week (Friday) you pay.

Over the course of six weeks (multi week), participants will learn various skills and create different types of pottery pieces. Here's a breakdown of what the class will cover each week:

Week 1: Pinch Pot Mugs/Bowls In the first week, students will learn the pinch pot technique, where they use their fingers to create small cups or bowls without the pottery wheel. This technique allows beginners to get familiar with the clay and basic shaping.

Week 2: Basic Wheel Centering During the second week, the focus shifts to using the pottery wheel. Students will learn the foundational skill of centering the clay on the wheel, which is essential for creating symmetrical and well-balanced pieces.

Week 3: Trimming Last Week's Wheel Pieces After practicing throwing on the wheel, the third week will involve trimming the pottery pieces made in the previous week. Trimming is the process of refining the shape and adding details to the thrown pieces.

Week 4: Soy Burner and Firing Preparation The fourth week might involve introducing soy burners. Students will also prepare their pieces for the firing process, ensuring they are adequately dried and ready for the kiln.

Week 5: Returning to the Wheel In the fifth week, students will revisit the pottery wheel to continue honing their throwing skills. This session might introduce other techniques or new shapes to try.

Week 6: Underglazing/Glazing In the final week, students will learn about underglazing and glazing techniques. Underglazes are applied before firing and can add color and decoration to the pottery. Glazing is the final step, giving the pottery a beautiful, finished appearance.

This class offers a comprehensive introduction to pottery for beginners. By covering both throwing and hand-building methods, will have a well-rounded understanding of the craft and will be able to create a variety of pottery pieces by the end of the six-week program.

This class offers flexibility! Allowing participants to join and start on various days of the week is a great way to cater to different schedules and ensure that everyone interested can participate. No classes during holidays.

This flexible enrollment approach makes it easier for individuals with busy schedules or prior commitments to still take part in the class and benefit from the six-week program. Whether someone prefers to start mid-week or towards the end, they can still complete the full 6 weeks curriculum without any interruptions.

Attire and Transport:

  • You should wear appropriate attire, including clothing and closed-toe shoes that can get dirty. Bringing an old towel and an apron is also recommended for added protection.

  • Remember to bring a banana box to safely transport your finished pieces back home.

What's included:

  • Tools to share

What's not included:

  • Clay(price varies depending on what's in stock - $44++)

  • Firing and glazing is tutors discretion

What to bring:

  • an apron

  • lidded storage for safe transportation of your pieces home

  • 10L lidded bucket for your slips and used clay

Cleanliness and Etiquette:

  • All users of the shared space must clean up after themselves. Avoid pouring clay into sinks and leaving equipment and wedging tables messy.

  • Gather up all trimmings, clean your wheel and stool, and wipe the splash pan after dunking it in the second bucket.

  • Sponge down any spills at the glazing area and wipe down the wedging tables and surfaces you have used.

  • Thoroughly wash all tools and brushes, rinse out sponges, and remove any clay chunks from the sink.

  • Please should refrain from slamming clay onto wedging tables and wheel heads.

    Refunds and Cancellations:

  • All sales are final, and Pottery Capital does not offer refunds or rebooking options.

  • Last-minute cancellations cannot be accommodated, but you can send someone else in their place.

After the course, you can either continue for another 6 weeks or if you are confident enough. You can check our our Open Studio Program if you like to come in and practice.

We offer AFTERPAY upon check out.

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