Discover the Joy of Pottery Wheel Throwing Daytime Course in Christchurch

Online bookings that require prepayment at booking, is your commitment to showing up. We do not give refunds for cancellations or changing to a different date because you are unable to make your original booking. We have taken that time off the calendar once you book. For this reason, we allow your booking to be transferred to a friend.

Pottery Making Is Volatile

You are choosing to endeavor in a craft that has many variables. In saying that, we do not guarantee that your pottery will make it back to you the way that you left it. We do our best to care for your work as if it were our own. Unfortunately, pieces break, pottery explodes, glazes run, cracks happen. Choosing to continue and book is your acknowledgment that you accept these variables as part of the learning process and understand that we will not refund, credit or replace any pottery that does not make it through the process. You are signing up for an experience, our environment, to co-create together and to enjoy learning with clay.