Yasi, Owner & Instructor

Kia Ora ceramic enthusiast!

My name is Yasi and Welcome to Pottery Capital, a place where ceramic art is accessible to all.

I just recently moved out of my home based studio to this wonderful space on June 11, 2023 and my husband has been ecstatic about it :D. I am a full time hand builder and a part time wheel thrower.

I grew up with traditional ceramics mostly used for ceremonial practices and storage of rice wines called moon jars.

My modern pottery experience was in 2012 in California and have collaborated with other studios in Dublin, Ireland and Nairobi. Most of my tutelage were sculptors and non production potters.

I moved to New Zealand in 2015, had a baby boy, paused on pottery and moved to Christchurch in 2018. I found my way back to pottery the moment my son turned 4 years old.

Pottery Capital is a small social studio.We offer workshops for hand building and wheel throwing classes.

My style as a tutor focus on fun over perfection in my classes. The educational system teaches us what is the right and wrong way of doing things but clay has a way of humbling you. Don't come in with high expectations, you may not be able to make a pot after one studio session. It's an equivalent of taking one piano lesson and thinking you can play a concert. So I encourage my students to take a risk and get out of their comfort zone. I love imperfect pottery and I promise you, glaze can transform your piece and make it beautiful.

Pottery Capital's philosophy centres on building an inclusive community where everyone is empowered and inspired to explore and learn. By enrolling at Pottery Capital and buying our ceramics made by our instructors, members and locals, you are supporting small independent brand.

So I thank you more than words can say. xoxo

Our Team

Isabella, Pottery Wheel Instructor

Hi, my name is Isabella I am a 25 year old Canterbury based potter. I have been learning and creating ceramics for about 2 and a half years at Ata Ceramics. I’m currently working on producing and refining my own style of work. I live in the central city and enjoy spending time exploring the nightlife, being with friends and family and my community. I love teaching, especially beginner potters and always encourage people to have fun and create.

Saskia, Sculptural & Handbuilding Instructor

Hi I am a teacher aid at T.O.I Collective art school for children and teens. I do any form of art I can get my hands on and recently got back into doing clay. I love teaching and wish to share the fun of clay with whosoever is interested. My main interest are in making unusual and fantastical creatures with a mundane practical purpose such as planter pots who are fae folk or candle holders who are woman swimming through the bog with a curious snail in her head. I can make fake food better out of clay than I can if I baked it and I specialise in imagination.

Coral, Wheel Instructor

Hi my names Coral. I pretty much like any artsy activity. My goal is to make your pottery experience easy and fun! I am excited to be doing something that I love and look forward to share it with you!

Caleb, Wheel Instructor

Caleb initially started as a support +1 for his wife's pottery class and became a full time hobby. He bought his own wheel and kiln after 6 weeks course and is creating lovely functional wares. He has since been experimenting with all types of clay and exploring the magical world of glazing. You can see some of his works on display at the studio.