Private Events That's Fun-filled Family Get-Togethers: Create Memories to Cherish

For private events likes birthday, hens parties, corporate events, team building etc., give us more information about approximate month, time and date options you are looking for. Private events can usually be arranged on a Saturdays and Sundays. Other times maybe available during the week too. Please message us at least 10-15 days prior to your target date. This will enable us to plan and block dates accordingly.

Once we confirm date, time and number of attendees, we will send you payment link in order to confirm booking. Please make sure to read our FAQ prior to booking as we do not offer refunds.

We require 6 participants minimum for special group event. Price is inclusive of (pp), clay, firing and clear glazing. You will have the option to make a mug or oil/soy burner.

For paint and sip class, we require 6 participants minimum and inclusive of (pp) mug, coloured paints (underglazes) and clear glazing.

Your artwork will take approximately 2-4 weeks to dry, depending on thickness, before it can be kiln fired for the first time. After the first firing, studio staff will glaze your work and fire it a second time. Artwork can usually be picked up 3-6 weeks after your event.

Thirty minutes of party time is included for you to enjoy the refreshments you bring. Please bring your own plastic cups. We provide the space and instruction for your party and an area for you to set up your refreshments. Any refreshments you’d like to enjoy during your party, including food and drinks for parties, are up to you to bring or have delivered to the studio.

Party Duration
A total of 2 hours - 1 ½ hours workshop time and a ½ hour for party time.

A full payment is required upon booking and confirming date and time. Once reserved, cancellations which is changing of date/time to another date/time will incur a $50 processing fee.We will have to double check if time and date is available. Please note that we do not offer refunds.

Minimum age for Handbuilding parties is 10 years old and for Wheel Throwing parties, the minimum age is 12. A mixture of adults and children is also welcome.

Class Size and Cost

Handbuilding: $70 per person. Minimum of 6 and Maximum of 20 people. This price is inclusive 1 piece for firing and glazing.We will clear glaze your piece and will be ready for pick up in 3-6 weeks.

Wheel Throwing:
$130 per person. Minimum of 4 and maximum of 7 people. This price is inclusive of 4 pieces for firing and glazing. For team building, we recommend the group to buy a bag (10kgs) of clay to share. Additional piece will cost $10 per piece for firing and glazing.We will clear glaze your pieces.

Paint and Sip:$69 per person.Minimum of 6 and maximum of 20 people.This is inclusive of mug,undeglazes(colors), glazing and firing.

Firing Fees
Firing fee for firing artwork is included (approximately $10 per person).

Please note that maximum handbuilding and paint and sip class inside the studio is 10-13 people. We often times held private events at the studios hallway. So please wear warm clothing when it's cold weather.

Please Note that if you are unable to attend your class, please consider gifting it to someone else as we do not offer refunds. A non negotiable admin fee of $50 per person if you'd like to rebook your class from the original date to another date.

Please note: Pottery Making Is Volatile

You are choosing to endeavor in a craft that has many variables. In saying that, we do not guarantee that your pottery will make it back to you the way that you left it. We do our best to care for your work as if it were our own. Unfortunately, pieces break, pottery explodes, glazes run, cracks happen, pieces don't come out the way you expect them to be. It is something that's beyond our control too. Choosing to continue and book is your acknowledgment that you accept these variables as part of the learning process and understand that we will not refund, credit or replace any pottery that does not make it through the process. You are signing up for an experience, our environment, to co-create together and to enjoy learning with clay.

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