Student information at Pottery Capital

Please read:

Pottery Capital a relaxed and friendly environment, but we do need some rules in order for our classes to run efficiently. By attending classes at Pottery Capital you are agreeing to abide by these rules and our Terms and Conditions.


  • Please note the start and end time for your session

  • Ceramics is not an exact science. Results can vary and can be unpredictable.

  • We take photos/videos of life at the studio as well as of student work. These are often used on social media. If you would rather not be involved in this please let us know.


  • Please ensure any tools you have used are cleaned and put back where they belong.

  • Please make sure that you clean your workspace when you have finished your session and leave it how you would like to find it.

  • Please do not remove any tools, books or other equipment from the studio without prior permission.

  • This is a shared space - clean up after yourself. Do not pour clay into the sinks. Do not leave equipment and wedging tables a mess. Gather up all your trimmings, clean your wheel and stool, wipe the splash pans, sponge any spills at the glazing area, sponge down wedging tables and surfaces you used, wash all tools and brushes thoroughly, rinse sponges out, take clay chunks out of the sink. We will charge $20 for not following these rules.

  • Also please refrain from slamming clay onto wedging tables and wheel heads.


  • Please wear appropriate clothing, including suitable ‘closed toe’ shoes.

  • Bring an apron or old shirt to protect your clothing.

  • Please bring your own towel if you like to use one when using a wheel.

  • Please leave valuable jewellery at home.

  • You should provide your own mask for sanding your pieces and this should always be done outside. This is often done during summer classes rarely on winter months..

  • When cleaning the wheels please ensure that they are switched off.

  • Always clean with a damp sponge/cloth as clay dust can be bad for your health.

  • Always clean the wedging area every after you wedge as students often leave this without cleaning.

  • The meeting point in the event of an evacuation from the studio is in the car park outside the studio.


  • If any slips, stains, oxides or glazes are running low please speak to staff. We may well have more elsewhere or we will do our best to replenish as soon as is possible.

  • Please do not double-dip or combine glazes.

  • Please make sure that the bases of your work are well wiped and free from any glaze.

  • If student work damages the kiln shelves, due to a glazing error, we will request a contribution to repair or replace the damaged shelf or shelves. The glazing fees will still also apply.

  • When using glazes, slips and oxides please use the sink to clean your equipment.


  • We may refuse to fire work if we consider that this would be a risk to other work and/or our kilns.

  • We offer firing services for students pieces made from home or at the studio. Firing fee is additional cost depending on the size.


  • Please be very careful when moving your work or looking for your project. Do not pick up work that doesn’t belong to you.

  • Pieces that are thrown during each class must be brought home with you and can only be left at the studio once it is trimmed and ready for bisque firing.

  • Any work that has not been bisque fired is extremely delicate.


  • All used clay must be brought home with you. Please bring a 10L lidded bucket for you to bring home all your clay slurry.